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Save money. Sit better.
Direct relationship with designers and manufacturers allows us to offer great sales conditions and 5 different discounts:

1. Special discount
It is the special discount that OFFIQUE applies on the manufactured price list.

2. Quantity discount
In addition to the special discount, you have additional discounts based on the quantity purchased by individual item. Click on the icon in the featured product page to get the discount corresponding amount.

3. Coupon promotional discount
If you have the coupon code, you get an additional discount from 2% to 10%. You should write in during checkout process.

4. Basket discount
Before the order final confirmation, if you buy for more than the following list, you get an additional discount:
- 4.000,00 £ extra discount 3%
- 10.000,00 £ extra discount 5%

5. Promotional discount
During the year, could be some product promotions. The discount % and the expiration of the promotion are shown in the middle column of the featured product.

Sit-It chair by Sitland has a price of £ 1.513, special discount is 20% (1.513 – 20% = 1.210,40). With a promotional discount, could be an extra 5% discount. If you buy 3 chairs, you get the quantity discount of 3% (1.210,40 x 3 - 3% = 3.522,26).

Attention: if you have promotional coupon, you get an extra 2% discount.

During the shopping, if you buy more chairs and you will spend more than £ 10.000, you have an extra discount of 5% (basket discount).

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